YHVH the sacred Hebrew name for God…

1 May


Exodus 3:14, And God said unto Moses, I AM THAT I AM: and he said, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I AM hath sent me unto you.

When Jehovah God commissined Moses as His messenger unto the children of Israel, that they were to be set free from the slavery of Egypt. Moses replied, “And Moses said unto God, Behold, when I come unto the children of Israel, and shall say unto them, The God of your fathers hath sent me unto you; and they shall say to me, What is his name? what shall I say unto them?” The Lord responded “I AM THAT I AM,” meaning I am what I will be, and I AM everything! This statement from God translates back into the Hebrew as the tetragrammaton (a word with four letters) as YHVH. YHVH pronounced YAH Hoveh, was later deemed too sacred to be uttered by the imperfect man, is a descriptive word of all that what God truly is unto His children who love Him. God is a deliverer as read in the book of Genesis, He is all powerful (Genesis 17:1), God is knowledge (Job 38:39), Eternal (2 Peter 3:8) Holy (Isaiah 6:1-3) and a healer (Exodus 15:26). Anything that you need as a believer is totally within your grasps as long as your Faith is properly placed in the Lord Jesus Christ as your Saviour. Simply ask YHVH in the name of Jesus Christ for more of His divine nature and to open your eyes to His will for your life, and simply believe that HE IS, I AM. Shalom…


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