God the Father, The Son (Jesus), Holy Spirit explained…

10 Oct


It seems that one of the most difficult facts of the Bible to explain is the 3 part system which is God. The Bible states over and over that their is only one God( 1 Corinthians 8:4) but also refers to Jesus Christ as God (Colossians 2:9) and also the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 3:16). Over the years I have heard Pastors, Apostles, and just Brothers and Sisters in the Faith refer to God as being like water. He can exist as a liquid, ice or vapor. That is a pretty good reference but I see the system of God as being a total revealing revelation of Himself to His creation. God is omnipresent! Present in all places at the same time, due to this fact it is hard for men, who live in the present natural world to get a grip on the totality of God. This is why so many had a hard time when dealing with with Him when He made His presence know to them. Moses and the flaming bush, Balams donkey (Numbers 22:1-35) etc. In order to redeem man God became a man to not only take the sins of the world, but to show Himself in the flesh and show us how to live a divine life for Him through Christ Jesus. Remember God is omnipresent who cannot be fully understood in a natural world so He showed Himself in the natural and gave us the worldly understanding of His essence in Jesus Christ. Upon the Lords death, and resurrection Christ had defeated sin and rose with all power. Christ after having many others witness His resurrected body said that He is going to prepare a place for us and would send the Comforter the Holy Spirit to empower us to do His earthly work (John 14:16-17). Revealing the Holy Spirit of God who remains here with the Christian believer to guide us into all truth. This concept of revelation is know as God above us, God with us (Jesus), God inside us the Holy Spirit, helping all to understand His word and reveal more and more to us of the Holy omnipresent Father. All existed at the beginning of time which is way in the book of Genesis, the creator seems to be talking to Himself at the dawn of time (Genesis 1:26). God is the ultimate source of all things, Jesus is that natural manifestations, and the Holy Spirit is the worker bee in which all things are done (John 16:12-15) All revelations of the one true God!


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