7 Feb


Genesis 1:29, “And God said, “See, I have given you every herb that yields seed which is on the face of all the earth, and every tree whose fruit yields seed; to you it shall be for food.”

A little known fact of the Holy Bible is of God’s original mandate for man to eat from the fruits and vegetables of the land. This provided man and woman their daily needed nutrients our human bodies need. This information has led many to believe that Adam and Eve were originally vegetarians. This is very possible giving that sin and death had not yet entered into the world, suggesting no animals were killed for food. A healthy dose of daily vegetables in anyone’s diet can be a very powerful blessing! A vegetarian diet can produce very positive effects in a person’s life.

Vegetarians always have a lower body weight than non vegetarians, have better cholesterol levels, and generally live longer than those who take in meat. Vegetarians also have a lower risk of developing cancer and other diseases. This is all due to vegetables and fruits being lower in fat, and high in fiber. A good rule of thumb to remember is the food we put in our bodies have characteristics of its original form. Today’s foods have chemical additives for processing which we take in when consuming. These additives affect our bodies chemically and produce adverse effects within us.

Going from meat eater to being a vegetarian can be a very tough trial. I have tried many times myself and have failed, as many vegetarians have. A gradual increase of fruits and vegetables over time in place of meat can help to offset many urges that one can get from needing meat in their diet. Even though the original creation of man did not involve a meat diet, I do believe that in the Garden this was not the only food consumed. In the Bible a meat diet is clearly ordained in the scriptures, Lev 6:24, Acts 10:9-16. I urge everyone to consult a health practitioner, and try more green in your diet. Your body will reap the benefits of a healthier life style. Shalom…

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