Vile Men…

4 Feb


“The wicked prowl on every side, when vileness is exalted among the sons of men,” Psalms 12:8

The Holy Bible speaks at times on the environment of social climates. In the same way that Believer’s allow the Holy Spirit to move through them and shed light onto the world, the unsaved do the same. Those individuals who have a platform (athletes, musicians, politicians) are able to influence a society’s way of thinking for the better or worse. Many people in popular culture inadvertently become enabler’s.

An Enabler is defined as someone who help’s another achieve a desired or undesirable goal. For example a popular celebrity can either be a positive role model by being virtuous and respectable person and setting an example for those looking up to him or her. Or in a more negative effect, a person of notoriety can be a liar, cheater or worse. Many weak minded individuals will use this celebrity’s status as a way to pardon their own sinful desires and way of life. A great popular phrase is, “Whatever our leaders do in moderation, the people will do in excess.”

In this world we live in, a person of great fame and wealth, who is also a very sinful person, can become a enabler of bad intentions. A person’s bad characteristic presents these same abilities to the general public as a way to be successful in life. An example can be a politician who is caught in a sex scandal who can give someone a false belief that cheating on a spouse is okay, after all they did it and they are successful. Or, a reality t.v. star who is ungodly and filled with lust and foul language will give credence to our youth in how to act due to their celebrity. A prime example of this is in the man Victor Crowley pictured above. Crowley was a new age occultist and mystic who lived 1875-1947. Aleister Crowley was very Anti-Christ in his beliefs and believed in doing away with Christianity and issue in a new age of Satanic Humanistic belief’s authoring “The Book of the Law.” The book was written by Crowley while in a trance by a demonic spirit that he named “Aiwass.” The text was said to usher in an age of free thinker’s under the adage “Do as thou wilt, shall be the law of the land.”

Aleister Crowley became popular among many musicians such as the Beatles and Michael Jackson. Influencing them to indoctrinate other’s with his teachings by way of their music, helping to usher in the sexual revolution, homosexuality and drug use of the 60s and 70s. I pray in this time, that we as Believer’s in the Cross of Christ set forth and be a prime example of the Lord in the world today. Enabling those who are undecided to believe in Christ saving power, Shalom…


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